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Kimugu River Lodge Ltd

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It all begun with an idea in 1988 and the farm  was turned into the beautiful scenic lodge you see today was first created in 1992 The dining hall allows you to take in breath taking views of the Kimugu River and the forest laying hidden in the rolling hills of tea plantations.We have grown in leaps and bounds ever since.

Fresh Meals

Our Menu Is Completely Based on Seasonal availability of vegetable and meats

The vegetables are always farm fresh and cooked from scratch . 

The meat are sourced from the free range animals.

Local & Sustainable Farming

Kericho is known for it's production of world reknown tea and flowers,not to forget our perfect practice runs for our  wonderful marathon runners like our very own Alice Kimetto Chelangat!

Freshly Picked Flowers

Kericho Tea

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