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Best Wedding Destination Kericho

What is the Best Wedding Destination Kericho, Kenya?

Have you always wanted to get married in one of the most stunning regions in the world? Do you love views of forest and farmland, and the sound of running water? At Kimugu River Lodge, we offer all of this and more. As the best wedding destination Kericho, Kenya, we provide everything from onsite catering to drink service, a restaurant-style reception hall, and the most natural beauty Kenya has to offer.


Our hillside location makes Kimugu River Lodge one of the best places in Kericho to view the surrounding Rift Valley and Mau Forest. Say your vows while soaking up a nearly 360-degree view of the western highlands.


At the best wedding destination Kericho, we also offer full package rentals, providing guest houses for your wedding party and guests, an onsite restaurant and bar, and easy access to some of our favorite destinations in Kericho. Book your wedding today to take advantage of everything Kimugu River Lodge has to offer.

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