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Best View in Kericho

The Best View in Kericho is Right Out Your Front Door

The western highlands of Kenya offer a variety of stunning views. Overlook gorgeous fields of tea, trees, and hillside towns. The best view in Kericho, however, can be right out your front door when you stay at the Kimugu River Lodge. Resting on the banks of the Kimugu river, the lodge offers a picturesque perspective of everything from the river to the valley, tea plantations, and the distinct beauty of the Mau Forest.


The Kimugu River Lodge sits on the hillside overlooking the Kenyan Rift Valley, one of the most vibrant and lush forests in all of Kenya. Local bird species, monkeys, and other wildlife make their home in the trees on our property, ensuring you will not only capture the best view in Kericho but also experience the natural charm of the region.


Located on the outskirts of Kericho, Kimugu River Lodge is a respite from the noise, bustle, and busyness of the city. Dive into nature and enjoy the best view in Kericho while relaxing in the surrounding beauty of Kenya's highlands.

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