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Best Camping Kericho

Best Camping Kericho Has to Offer

The western highland region of Kenya is a popular place to camp, hike, and enjoy being surrounded by nature. When nights in a tent become wearing, however, sometimes the best camping Kericho has to offer is at everyone's favorite riverside resort. At Kimugu River Lodge, enjoy the comforts of home while also "camping" among the trees and nature of the Kenyan Rift Valley.


Walk out your front door to the sights and sounds of the regions over 200 bird species, a variety of monkeys, and the many beautiful creatures that call this region home. The best camping Kericho includes breakfast in bed, stunning views of the Mau Forest, and places to lounge and picnic along the Kumugu River.


If you wish to enjoy the true camping experience of Kenya, we also offer Koroga, for a small fee. We provide a jiko, cooking pot, and all the ingredients so that you can take in Kericho's views cooking, eating, and enjoying the best camping Kericho has to offer.

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